Specialists for special needs

4-RED GmbH.

We are an independent real estate service provider specialized in the retail sector, serving clients at both a national and international level. Our individual solutions take into consideration the location of the property, the goals of the investor and those of future users. Our processes are transparent throughout each phase.

Our four service areas

Refurbishment, Centermanagement, Service Development, Consulting

Focus on Refurbishment and Center Management

We concentrate primarily on shopping center refurbishment and management. In this area, 4-RED GmbH uses its many years of proven retail experience to develop sustainable concepts, formulate the right tenant mix and conduct market and location analyses. We help guarantee continuous operation, coordinate administrative services and technology, implement marketing concepts and manage tenants association. We offer full service packages as well as customized service components.

Holistic approach to real estate

We work not only with the operator's perspective in mind but also the needs of tenants and consumers. Because 4-RED GmbH provides both planning and implementation, we are ideally capable of regularly improving process quality without the problems caused by intercommunication.

Refurbishment, Centermanagement, Service Development, Consulting

Quality beyond the norm

Our qualified team and parent company CMP GmbH both rely on many years of experience and have been partners in providing above-standard quality since 1990.